You Can Be A Pirate Too!

Th’ Northglenn Pirate Festival be open to all … ‘n ye gunna be received th’ best if ye come lookin’ like a scurvy pirate. Our band ‘o pirates be ornery, ‘n they be smelly, ‘n they be mad ’bout bein’ away from their ship so it be best to come prepared to look like a scurvy pirate so ye can fit in.  Nothin’ gunna make ye feel more piratey than bein’ dressed like a scurvy pirate and talking like one too …

So use th’ tools below to learn to shout like a scurvy pirate (it is National Talk Like A Pirate Day during our event) and dress like a pirate too.

Speak like a Pirate!

Teach ye voice to shout like a scurvy pirate!
No trustworthy soul be goin’ t’ come t’ a Pirate Festival an’ speak anythin’ other than shipmate (Pirate). Ye might know an “Argh!” here or thar but ’tis goin’ t’ take more than that t’ impress most at th’ “Northglenn Pirate Fest”. Take some time, learn some “Pirate” an’ be th’ best of th’ event!  The top sea dog might e’en win some dubloon or a grog or somethin’ equally “sea dogish”.

To get you in the mood (feel free to dance ‘n move ’bout):



Learn the basics:
For the kids:
Many of the links came from the International Talk Like A Pirate Day website.

Dress Like A Scurvy Pirate!

If you don’t already own a pirate costume there are a lot of options for you ~ you can make it yourself, go to the pirate store (see links at the bottom of this page), or go to your local thrift store for items.

The typical male pirate might look like:

Head gear:

Tri-corner hat or knit caps called Monmouth Cap, a Cavalier Hat can be used. A  bandana would be worn to keep the sweat out of a seaman’s eyes


Poet shirt, Long sleeved shirt with frills


Trews: long pants on the baggy side with no pockets or fly. Breeches: pants that are slightly puffy that button just below the knee

Coat/ Vest:

Waist Coat: Looks like a long vest worn over a poet style shirt

Coat: also called a Doublet your traditional pirate coat (usually only worn by captains)


Knee high boots, or fold over boots at the knee called Bucket Boots.

The typical female pirate might look like:

Head Coverings: Tri-corner Hat, Cavalier hat, or Mop Cap, Bandana’s and sashes


Chemise: A blouse like a poet shirt (not off the shoulder) with blossomy sleeves

Corsetry: Stays are the actual name for corsets

Bodice: a front closing corset with shoulder straps

Corset: back lacing, tight fitting, over the bust cut with metal boning.

Under bust/ waist cincher: similar to a corset but cuts in under the bust line


Harem Pants: traditional belly dance poofy pants.  Bloomers: poofy pants that end just below the knee with lacy trim


Leggings: tight fitting pants


Chinese shoes with one buckle called Coolies, or Irish Step Style shoes


Knee high boots, or slightly over the knee, NO HEELS


A cloak is great for keeping warm

Guide lines for being dressed like a pirate

Pirates were known for mix-matched colors, textures, and types. The typical rule of thumb is 2 colors and 3 textures, or 3 colors and 2 textures.

Colors That are Acceptable: Earth tone colors, Black, Brown

Colors you might avoid? Neon Colors (they really didn’t have neon in the day!!)

The pink color that was used was called Carnation, they didn’t have hot pink, magenta or any other darker pink tones. Purple and violet was used but only sparingly. Purple was still very rare and VERY expensive.  color

Fabrics used:

Brocades, Jacquards, cotton, cotton velvet, Courderoy, canvas, silk, wool

Fabrics not known:

Synthetic materials: polyester, rayon, nylon If you have to use such fabrics when you are making your own garb, look for fabric that has the look and feel

of the above listed fabrics. Check for remants and discontinued fabrics. You can sometimes find great deals.

It is hard these days to not find any fabric that is not a mix, just try and stick as natural as possible.

Buy Pirate Gear Online!

Boots Specific – Sons of Sandlar and Ren Boots.  There is also a great deal of resources on and as well as from your local thrift store and costume shop.

If you buy a costume from a costume shop remember that it probably is not that well made as they want you to buy a new costume next year.  Purchase the costume from the costume shop as a base for your form and add elements to what you already have together.

Please remember that Northglenn is a somewhat conservative venue and so while we are doing a Pirate Ball on Friday and a Pirate Fest on Saturday your costume should be appropriately sexy for all age groups.