Arr ya wantin' to be King of the Pirates? 2019 Campaign Starts Soon!

Pirates Ball

Ahoy Matey’s!  Ye consider yerself a scurvy pirate?  Well this event is for you!  Join us at Pirate Ball, in your Captain Attire (or Pirate best) and there will be food vendors to choose from that evening plus there will be plenty of grog – beer, rum and mead available fer all!

The Pirate Ball will include music on the Main Stage, opening of the mermaid stage, a bardic circle, sword fighting, a dinner, a walk-around treasure map contest, crowning of the “Pirate King”, and wonderful drinks.

This will be a social engagement for our pirates and costumes will be encouraged (if not expected).  See information below on costume information.

Pirate Festival

The Pirate Festival is for kids, families and individuals.  It is free entry and will include food and booth vendors plus all of the yummy pirate drinks (rum, mead, and beer) a pirate ship, a new mermaid stage plus the new compass stage plus crafts and vendors, activities including bounce houses, a historical reenactment section, sword fighting and archery demonstrations and more.

We will also have the Cardboard Boat Regatta with races starting at 1:00 PM.  Pirates can gather with their boat made from cardboard, duct tape and paint to sail across Webster Lake for a chance at a prize.

The Northglenn Pirate Fest is an event by the City of Northglenn.

Be sure to play the part by dressing up for the event!

Costumes are encouraged on both Friday night and Saturday and there will be a costume contest each day.  Friday night will focus on a more formal Pirate Attire (think boat captain) and Saturday will be more casual pirate attire.

The Costume Contest on Friday night will focus on the more fancy dress clothes worn to the Ball.  On Saturday we will have a costume contest for the adults who dress up as well as a second division for the kids who wear pirate garb.

Ideas and links on how to dress like a pirate can be found on the Become a Pirate page.  There are also several links on where to purchase pirate clothing.




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