Pirate Fest Volunteer Information

Arrgh you a Pirate with some time on y’er hands?

We be lookin’ fer a fine band o’ pirates to fill our volunteer core — ye’ can be wenches, faeries, steampunks, or other appropriate piratical characters.  Volunteer experience be not necessary, but enthusiasm fer th’ scurvy pirate way gunna go a LONG WAY towards our success. Responsibilities fer bein’ a scurvy pirate volunteer include:

1.  Dressing in costume
2.  Speaking like a pirate
3.  Being a generally “happy” or at least “sparky” type pirate
4.  Being a pirate (or fairy, steampunk, etc.)
5.  When 3 and 4 conflict with each other, be #3.

In advance of the event we will offer free classes to learn to speak pirate and get into the pirate feeling and meet other scurvy pirates! 

Volunteer positions we have are:

  • Welcome attendants
  • Trash collectors
  • Midway games support
  • Stage support
  • Beer, wine and rum sales (21+ and Tips Training required)
  • “Selfie With A Pirate” Stations (you dress like a pirate, we make you semi-famous)

Also available:

  • We would like to pre-promote the Northglenn Pirate Festival at other great events this summer.  Are you interested in going and passing out information?  You can see other cool events and have some fun promoting a few new Colorado event.

Please sign up using the form below and/or send an e-mail to Steven at sstokes@northglenn.org.

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    Advance PromotionsWelcome AttendantVendor SupportTrash CollectorMidway Games SupportAlcohol Sales (21+ Only)Selfie with a Pirate

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