Ahoy Pirates!

At our inaugural Pirate Fest the band ‘o pirates run amok without a cap’n at the helm.  To whip the pirates into shape, this year we be electin’ a “Pirate King”.

Gather pirates in ‘tis raucous competition whar scallywags under all sails may compete for the grand title o’ “Pirate King”, Cap’n of the Northglenn Pirate Fest.

The contest will be made up o’ tasks t’ be completed between registering for your candidacy and t’ Pirate Ball on September 16, 2016.

Each task will be worth points.  See the task list and plan ahead t’ blow your competition out o’ t’ water!

Pirate King Information

Candidates for King are encouraged to recruit a crew to support their efforts and to “campaign”; as it is an election year after all! Some tasks will need creativity, some will require time and all will require Pirate wits and spirit. “King” is the title we are awarding the winner but by no means does the King have to be a “he”! We know there are many fierce and cunning Pirate Women and we expect and want those ladies competin’ for the crown too!

How to Compete

Sign Up t’ Compete!
1) Sign up as a Candidate.

2) Download the check list and complete as many tasks as you can!

3) Each time you complete a task click here to log your plunderin’.  If ye don’t log, ye won’t get the points.

3) Campaign! Get your crew (friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, classmates, everyone you know) excited to support you. Have them like your posts on social media and come vote for you at the Pirate Ball on September 16.

4) Win the title of “Pirate King”, Cap’n of the Northglenn Pirate Fest 2016.

The Pirate King will be crowned at the Pirate Ball on September 16 and is invited to reign supreme at the Pirate Festival on September 17th.

Your reign includes the privilege to carry the Pirate King staff (and add yer mark to it), a $50 bar tab for you and your crew to celebrate, meals from the festival galley, Pirate King Photos and a throne for you and you alone for the remainder of the festival so you may reign victorious and enjoy the celebration in style!

Use your crafty pirate skills and if all else fails email Ashley at agarst@northglenn.org or Steven at sstokes@northglenn.org n’ they can assist.

Click (or double click in some browsers) on the Task List to see all the ways you can earn points!


*Candidates for “Pirate King” must be 21 years of age. By signing up to compete you give the City of Northglenn permission to take your photo and share your contest related social media posts for event/contest promotion.


Sign Up t’ Compete!