Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions covers some of the questions we were asked most during our first Pirate Festival.  Please see below and if you do not see your question here feel free to message us.

For the Pirate Ball you say “adults only”.  What age is too young? 

We are primarily talking about 18+ at the event although most attendees are over 21.  We do not card or restrict people to enter that are below 18 but just highly discourage it.

Are dogs allowed.


Are costumes encouraged?

Yes, we highly encourage costumes for all attendees.  You can check out our page on how to dress like a pirate.  People will dress in simple to very elaborate costumes.  Both are encouraged.  Just not at the same time.

Can we bring mock (or real) weapons to the event as a part of our costume?

You can bring weapons as part of our costume.  At this time we are not requiring zip ties or any other form of holding the weapons in place on your person.  Please do not take advantage of this fact.  Should it become an issue with attendees drawing their weapons we will zip tie them onto your costume.

Will you be serving alcohol both days of the festival?

Yes.  In year one we had beer, rum and mead both days.  We will repeat or improve for 2016.